Monthly Archives: December 2022

Group meeting, Saturday, January 14, 3 pm, Mazara Trattoria (NOTE NEW WEEK OF MONTH AND NEW LOCATION)

Mazara outsideStarting in January, 2023, we will meet on the 2nd Saturday of each month at 3 pm at Mazara Trattoria, 2302 30th Street in South Park, so our January meeting will be on Saturday, January 14 at 3 pm.  A map of Mazara can be found here. As usual, we will be writing letters on behalf of victims of human rights abuses and discussing future events.  Look for us at the long table in the back room at Mazara Trattoria!

Saturday, Dec 17, 3 pm Write For Rights and Holiday Card Action

LogoGroup 137′s annual Write For Rights event will take place this coming Saturday, December 17th at 3 pm at Mazara Trattoria, 2302 30th St (map) at the corner of 30th and Juniper in South Park.  We’ll write letters to the authorities and non-religious holiday cards of encouragement to survivors in cases of government crackdowns on the freedom to peacefully protest.  And we’ll treat attendees to a special dessert and drinks, plus prizes!  Look for us at the long table in the  back.  Remember, write a letter, change a life!