Monthly Archives: July 2023

Virtual meeting on restorative justice, Wed, July 26, 7 pm

Image with scalesJoin us for a virtual meeting on the topic of Restorative Justice with guest speakers Susan Swope, Mediator in the Juvenile Offender Mediation Program, San Mateo County Courts; and Terry McCaffrey, AIUSA Western Region Death Penalty Abolition Coordinator.  You can register here, and we’ll send Zoom info to you prior to the meeting.  While the US currently employs a system of Retributive Justice that focuses on punishment of offenders, Restorative Justice is a participatory process in which people affected by a particular offense, including the victims, offenders, and the community, come together to collectively resolve the situation.  While Amnesty International has not adopted restorative justice as a human rights campaign issue, and it is not codified as a human right under international law, some in the organization are beginning to look at the issue and how it might fit into a human rights agenda.  We hope you’ll join us to learn more about this intriguing topic!