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Feb 10, 2019: Discussion of How Democracies Die

Fascism photoWe will meet at Panera Bread in Mission Valley Mall, 1640 Camino del Rio N (map), on Sunday, February 10th at 3:30 pm to discuss the book How Democracies Die by Steve Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt.  The authors spent more than 20 years studying the breakdown of democracies in Europe and Latin America, and they believe that our democracy is in serious danger. Democracy no longer ends with a bang—in a revolution or military coup—but with a whimper: the slow, steady weakening of critical institutions, such as the judiciary and the press, and the gradual erosion of long-standing political norms.

Mar 24, 2019: Discussion of The Future Is History

The-Future-is-History-Cover-Crop2On Sunday, March 24th at 3:30 pm at Panera Bread in Mission Valley Mall, 1640 Camino Del Rio N (map), we will meet to discuss the book The Future Is History: How Totalitarianism Reclaimed Russia by award-winning journalist and Vladimir Putin biographer, Masha Gessen.  This journey through Russia’s failure to establish democracy after the fall of the Soviet Union is built around the lives of a half-dozen people whose fortunes wax and wane as the country opens up, then closes down once more.  Gessen charts their paths against the machinations of the regime that would crush them all, and against the war it waged on understanding itself, which ensured the unobstructed reemergence of the old Soviet order in the form of today’s terrifying and seemingly unstoppable mafia state.

AIUSA_PRIMARY_LOGO_hiresAmnesty International is a global human rights organization working on behalf of prisoners of conscience and other victims of human rights abuses around the world.   Amnesty’s vision is that every person should enjoy the rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international human rights standards.

Group 137 is a local chapter of Amnesty International USA located in San Diego, California.  We’ve been around for over 40 years and continue to meet twice a month to write letters on urgent actions and plan our events.

We also run the Human Rights Book Discussion meetup group.

To learn our meeting times and location, and a little about what our meetings are like, click here.