August 10th virtual meeting: Nancy Haydt on why we still have the death penalty

DP lethal injection imageOur special guest speaker will be Nancy Haydt, Executive Director of Death Penalty Focus, who will answer the question, “Why do we still have the death penalty?”  The pandemic has given us time to reflect on the society we have and the society we want. The Black Lives Matter movement brings alive our understanding that there is no justice, there is no peace, until all citizens are equal in rights and opportunities.  A significant artifact of our racist history is the death penalty. This talk will discuss the death penalty as a means of repression and subjugation of black citizens. We will discuss the myths that keep the death penalty alive in our society. And we will talk about strategies for outlawing the death penalty once and for all.  We’ll also do an icebreaker, watch videos, and do online urgent actions.  You can RSVP for the meeting by registering here.  If you’ve already registered for this particular meeting you do not need to do so again.  We’ll send registered attendees Zoom info prior to the meeting.

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