Saturday, July 30, 1 pm, Balboa Park: Amnesty group picnic

Join us for our Amnesty Group 137 picnic!  We’ll provide pizza, salad, drinks, paper plates, napkins and utensils.  You are welcome to bring a dish to share plus a chair or blanket to sit on (we’ll provide some blankets and chairs as well).  If you haven’t already, please RSVP if you can to so we have an idea how much pizza and salad to bring.

We’ll set up on the left side of Balboa Drive approximately three blue street light poles from the intersection of 6th Ave, Upas, and Balboa Dr. (Balboa Drive is a one-way street).  There should be lots of parallel parking along Balboa Drive, and there is also a small parking lot that you can enter by turning left off of Balboa Dr. not far beyond our picnic location.  From that third blue street light pole, walk east (left) across the grass to the sidewalk near a large tree.  Here’s a link to the picnic location.  Look for the Amnesty banner hanging from or near our canopy.

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